Tracking mobile usability in Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Level: intermediate Mobile is growing at a fantastic pace – in usage, not just in screen size. To keep you informed of issues mobile users might be seeing across your website, we’ve added the Mobile Usability feature to Webmaster Tools. The new feature shows mobile usability issues we’ve identified across your website, complete with […]

What it looks like when 100,000 people rally for Internet freedom

Swarms of protesters took to the streets of Budapest, Hungary, on Tuesday night, waving their smartphones in the air to demonstrate against a planned tax on Internet use. The protest, which was the second in about a week, was largely organized through a Facebook page. Estimations put the number of demonstrators against Prime Minister Viktor […]

Twitter's executive shakeup continues with 2 more resignations

In yet another high level shakeup at Twitter, two more executives are reportedly leaving the company. Jeremy Gordon, Twitter’s VP of engineering and Adam Kinney, who heads up analytics, are stepping down from Twitter’s engineering team, the two announced Wednesday. See also: It’s More Than Just Ali Rowghani: A Look at Who’s Left Twitter Gordon, […]

Anthony Davis' NBA-opener highlights are filthy basketball porn

Imagine a basketball-playing pterodactyl with the agility of Scottie Pippen, high-post skill of Kevin Garnett and lankiness of one of those giant blow-up men that flop around in the breeze outside of used-car dealerships That’s Anthony Davis. He’s an athletic freak of nature and the next NBA superstar Davis has been hyped as a-superstar-in-waiting for […]