The Powerful Protest Art Behind Hong Kong's 'Umbrella Revolution'

The umbrella was initially used by activists in Hong Kong to shield themselves from police pepper spray. But it has quickly emerged as an unlikely symbol of resistance in ongoing pro-democracy protests there. The #OccupyCentral demonstrations began peacefully last week, and escalated Sunday when police attempted to disperse the protesters, who are calling for democracy […]

1938: JFK Swims for Harvard

John F. Kennedy’s favorite sport was swimming. In November 1937, Kennedy was 20 years old, and his time-trials were sufficiently speedy to gain him a place on the Harvard college swimming team. But when press photographers visited to take pictures of the swimming team, Kennedy hid in the shower room. According to Harvard swimming coach […]

PayPal's Split From eBay Is the Best Thing That Could Happen to It

It was supposed to be a marriage between two parties that complemented one anothereBay had built up an impressive auction marketplace that accounted for the majority of PayPal’s business and PayPal had mastered online payments, something eBay had tried and failed to do with a service called Billpoint. After months of flirting with each other, […]

New Weather Forecast Model Can Pinpoint Thunderstorms Up to 15 Hours in Advance

Meteorologists at the National Weather Service (NWS) gained a new, sharper weapon in their arsenal of computer models on Tuesday, which could result in better weather forecasts. The agency put its newly updated High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR, which is pronounced like the word “her,” except with many more Rs), into operational use after several years […]

Theaters Revolt Against Plan to Debut 'Crouching' Sequel on Netflix, IMAX

Netflix and the Weinstein Company’s plan to premiere Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend simultaneously on the streaming network and in IMAX theaters next year has already met a formidable foe: The major U.S. theater chains, who are vowing to fight the unprecedented release strategy. The two entertainment entities, who already had a partnership in […]