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Creating a website is not as easy as 1-2-3. A design and development project can eat up resources if not done properly – luckily, there are open source tools available that can help a developer produce beautiful and functional websites. These tools are created to be open and accessible for people who need help on web development.

If you are developing or designing a website, you are in for a good read. We will be giving you ten different web development and design tools that can help ease your efforts. Sit back and continue reading this for an effective workflow this 2019.


The sketch is an application for MacOS catering different user experience designers and web designers. Most UX designers are preferring to use this instead of other applications for designing.

Sketch offers a fast interface, which is a perfect fit for user experience designers. Every feature in Sketch is a need for designers, all of those are relevant for such designers. If you want simple and easy ways to create solutions for user experience and web design, Sketch is the right app for you.


If you need a quick way to create different visuals such as social media cards and infographics, Canva is the right application for you. It is a free tool website that allows the graphic design to be easier for non-designers.

It will not be a bother and hassle for you if you need different elements in your graphics since Canva has access to different fonts, vectors, and other elements. Another thing with Canva is that it provides a drag-and-drop format in the application, unlike other design software that has complex and complicated formats.

Sublime Text Editor

The sublime text editor is a source code editor perfect for web programming and development. It does support different programming languages, especially Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other languages made for web development. It provides a perfect workplace since different features, such as quick navigation, simultaneous editing, project-specific preferences, etc., are provided by the app; it is made sure that using this text editor will make your program effectively and efficiently.


Sizzy is an application that helps you in testing responsive websites. You’re thinking about what can be the thing that makes Sizzy special; it does mobile responsive testing in ultra-fast speed. After you develop your site, you can preview it on multiple screens. Not only that, but you can also see the changes instantly. Also, Sizzy can test websites even if you are running a local server. It is a perfect app for all of the mobile web developers.


CodePen Projects started as an online code editor and open-source community where different programmers can send codes and get feedback from it on how to make it better. Now, CodePen Projects is a development environment for creating websites, but it is used in your browser.

CodePen is used than the normal editor because it can let you navigate different files and create different pages within a single file, which is a benefit for many web developers. It can also easily help you map out your website. All of these features are a huge relief for developers.


As many developers say, AngularJS helps in simplifying the front-end development for co-developers. AngularJS is produced by Google. It is a framework made for dynamic web apps.

It is a delight for various front-end web designers since AngularJS provides different benefits. The applications made here are adaptive in different browsers. It is also compatible with Android and iOS. Lastly, developers are writing fewer codes than the normal and can offer great functionality in the application when using Angular.

Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome developer tools are a set of developer tools that are easily accessed in the Google Chrome browser. It can let you do rapid debugging, which will show you the errors in your code directly. You can also do on-the-fly style changes which would not need a text editor. A specific element can be seen in the inspect element option and modify them and see the changes in real time. Lastly, it is easy to use; it is very organized and easy to navigate and to use.


GitHub is a hosting service for Git version control, or in simpler words, Git is a way of tracking changes in computer files and computer codes by different co-developers. It is a community of developers aimed to create and collaborate in producing better software.

Using GitHub can make it very easy to collaborate in different open source projects. Also, since it is a community, you can post your works and showcase it to the community. Lastly, you can track different changes in your code. Revisions will be tracked easily for you.


Trello is project management or organizer application that is created to track the progress of a specific project. It is a perfect software for software management and web development.

Your progress is easily monitored in this application since there is a visual overview of what needs to be done and who is working on it. It is simply a system of boards and cards that help in knowing what needs to be done, what is currently doing, and what is done.


Protopie is an app that can help you create mobile interactions in the easiest way possible. Many different web developers feel that when they are using Protopie, they are like coding the interaction, but not writing the code. Interactions and animations are provided in Protopie. Also, sensors and bridges are featured here in creating your mobile user experience. Lastly, user feedback can also be catered here to help you launch the best version of your website.

Source: http://blog.creative-tim.com/education/10-rated-open-source-tools-web-development-design-2019/

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