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2023 Marketing and Advertising Forecasts

2023 will be a year of transition, from streaming to ad measurement and privacy.

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Streaming providers will centralize and shut off content, according to predictions.
“There will be haves and have-nots,” Walt Disney Co. predicted. CEO Bob Iger in a Vox interview in September 2022. “I doubt they’ll all make it.”

Last month, former WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar told The Wall Street Journal that he expected “no more than three” entertainment businesses to survive the streaming battles.

  • “Digital marketplaces for businesses with high fixed costs and low variable costs have tended to favor a few, abnormally large winners,” Kilar noted. “I expect this will be the case in the entertainment industry.”
  • Kilar exempted Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video from his analysis since entertainment is neither Apple or Amazon’s primary income stream.

    As platforms merge, they will isolate content that is presently available across enterprises. According to our analyst Ross Benes, addressing at the “Attention!” conference, amount+ is “still an armaments dealer to others.” “2023 Trends and Predictions” conference. However, most streamers will focus on protecting their own content libraries in the future.

Spotify will become the Netflix of audio.
Spotify branded itself as a “all-in-one destination for everyone’s listening requirements” when it debuted audiobooks in September 2022. Spotify hopes to be associated with digital audio by investing more in podcasts and audiobooks, expanding its ad platform, and increasing digital audio listeners.

The hysteria over privacy will take control.
The year 2023 will signal the beginning of the privacy crisis, as marketers face increasing privacy regulations and the impending deprecation of cookies.

CTV measurement will advance (because it has to)
According to our prediction, connected TV (CTV) ad expenditure in the United States would increase 27.2% this year to about $27 billion. With just over 7% of overall media ad spending, there is plenty of possibility for expansion.

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