6 Must Have Web Development Tools for 2019

By Rachael Ray

Ever since the age group has changed from millennial to Gen Z, the working pattern of the top web development companies has also observed a notable swing. Today with the changing technologies, many web development tools are handy, and these tools not only save the development time but also help them in coming up with new website ideas.

Because every business is distinct in its working, thus it will need a different approach for website coding. For example, a B2B business website requirements will be particular when compared with an eCommerce website or the motive of the website development can be either networking or it could be only client servicing. Therefore, for such varied requirements, the coders must keep themselves updated with the best web development tools for the upcoming year.

So if you are looking out to deliver the most optimized website in 2019 and make your client happy with your services you must keep yourself connected with the below mention website development tools for 2019:

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is among the most preferred tool used for code editing. It is a free open-source tool from Microsoft, which has the basket of various smart features. This tool is very handy because developers can run it anywhere and at any time. Moreover, customization and adding new extensions is possible which helps in availing broad options of services. 
 Latest features of Visual Studio Code’s new version- Version 1.29

● Multiline search is possible wherein developers can search across various files.

● Easy distinguishing between different file types using IntelliSense file icon.

● Mojave Dark Mode support option with full-screen mode control for macOS.

● Collapse the annoying stack frames option is available which helps in giving clear code visibility.

● Extensions like README and API usage are available.

Moreover, as per a recent GoodFirms’ software development research, Visual Studio Code is one of the most preferred web development tools utilized by the developers.

2. GitHub

GitHub is a tool that was recently purchased by Microsoft in 2018. This tool helps various programmers, and designers to work together on a project. They can share ideas and resolve bugs along with hosting various open source projects. 
 Key features of GitHub:

● Easily dragging and dropping of Gist Code

● WebFlow integration via GitHub’s web interface

● Repository URL shortener

● Finding a file by easily navigating

● Emoji

● CLI (Command Line Interface)

● 3D Rendering

3. NPM

NPM stands for Node Package Manager, which is an online repository. The tool promptly publishes open-source Node’s projects. Moreover, if the required package is available, then these tools can function with a single command line. Tagged as the world’s largest software registry, NPM consists of three components — Website, Command Line Interface (CLI), and the Registry.
 Key Features of NPM:

● You can share your NPM code with other NPM users

● Make use of standalone tools

● Create a hub of Orgs (organizations) to discuss codes

● As soon as the underline code is updated, you can spontaneously update the applications

● Thousands of ways are available to resolve any query

● Multi-version code management

● Restrict some of the codes with other developers

4. TypeScript

TypeScript is an open source language tool, which is among the most popular front-end development tool. It has around 32000 added tools, which saves the life of a programmer by swiftly implementing JS libraries. Recently in the last month, TypeScript launched the latest version and named it TypeScript 3.2. 
 Prominent Features of the Latest Version of TypeScript 3.2:

• Optical Static Typing
 • New Functionality for BigInt 
 • Generics supportive workings operators like “spreads”
 • It can overwrite new properties
 • Mock-up the behavior of spreads
 • Models intersections
 • Strict checking option for bind call and apply

5. CodePen:

CodePen is an inspiration tool that reminds you of the faster and smoother development process. It creates the environment of social development wherein you can build test cases, and find flashes from other’s work. You will also get feedback for your work via this fascinating tool for your front-end website development.
 What can you do with CodePen?

● Prototype new ideas

● Evaluate potential candidates to hire

● Show-off your development progress

● You can use the components in future as per your convenience

● You can view and sync the live changes

● Reduce coding efforts for adding links and demo pages

6. Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome Developer Tools is the favorite tool amongst the developers who use it for developing and debugging. Recently a new version of Chrome DevTools (Chrome72) was launched.
 Features of the latest tools include-

● In the performance panel, an option of Visualize performance metrics is available.

● Now highlighting the Text Nodes in the DOM Tree is available.

● Moreover, you can copy the JS path to the DOM node within the option of DOM Tree.

● Detected JavaScript libraries audit is now available in version 3.2 that list the detected JS libraries on the page.

● You can inspect and modify CSS variables in the Style Tab

To Sum Up:

Today the basket of web development tools is filled with hundreds and hundreds of tools which save the time and efforts of every web developer. Gone is the time when developers used to save piles and piles of codes on the server and always fear about losing it because with the tools like GitHub it’s not only easy to save it but also reusing them in the different project is possible.

Various top website development companies have a stack of highly qualified web developers who use these web development tools for presenting market-ready websites. Not only this, even a freelancer web developer keep an eye on such handy tools and make use of them as and when required.

So if you too want someone who is a reliable web development company, you can scroll the list on the platform of GoodFirms, which help various service seekers meet the most reliable web development service providers.

Source: https://medium.com/@rachaelray018/6-must-have-web-development-tools-for-2019-d9843c38d068

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