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Carrd is for simple, one-page websites— that’s it. All it’s themes are designed for one page websites:

All Carrd themes are for one-page websites.

Because Carrd is only for one page websites, they can do things differently.

For example, Carrd is way, (way) cheaper than competitors. Below is Carrd’s cheapest plan compared to the cost of the other 7 recommended website builders cheapest plans:

Graph: cheapest plans with no ads plus the cost of a custom domain name.

Plus Carrd has the best editor and themes for one-page websites. You can technically make one-page websites with other website builders but their interace can feel hacked together. Carrd is exclusively for one-page websites so the interface is designed for that.

You’ll only want to use Carrd if it makes sense for your website to be one page. If you’re not sure if one page works for you, I’d suggest just trying Carrd for 15 minutes— you might surprise yourself with how much you can fit into one page!


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