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Google is delaying Play Store review submissions for 24 hours. What you should knowGoogle’s Play Store is getting a new app review procedure.The new policy will cause fresh reviews to be published up to 24 hours after they are filed.With the new move, Google hopes to deter fraudulent reviews and ratings.Google aims to make app […]
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It’s possible that when your business as a freelance designer develops, the work you’ve been doing happily for years simply isn’t cutting it. You might be a web designer who secretly want to work as a consultant or go from creating front-end code to more intense back-end development. You may have been so stressed out […]
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Following the pandemic, remote employment and virtual workplaces have become increasingly popular. You require a business VPN service to allow your remote workers and virtual teams to safely access to your corporate network. Using a business VPN, remote workers can connect safely to your company network and protect your corporate data from security concerns. But […]
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UX design is a new field that is gaining traction, particularly in the digital arena, as organizations recognize that the user experience of their websites and apps is part of their branding identity and can influence conversions. Is the term “user experience design” accurate? Abigail Posner, a Harvard-educated cultural anthropologist, Google executive, and public speaker, […]
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5G+ (5G/Beyond 5G) is the fastest-growing segment and the only significant opportunity for investment growth in the wireless network infrastructure market, according to the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc. But currently 5G+ technologies rely on large antenna arrays that are typically bulky and come only in very limited sizes, making them difficult to transport and […]
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Understand Your Audience: Tips for Creating Engaging Content Creating engaging content is essential in order to reach and have a positive impact on your target audience. Whether you’re a business writing for prospects or a content creator writing for readers, your audience should always be the focus. Without engaging content, you risk alienating potential customers […]


When it comes to site design, more isn’t necessarily better. A well-designed one-page website may effectively express the products or services of small firms and individuals. Even if the site structure appears to be restricted, its basic style may be helpful in enticing consumers to focus on a particular component of a business and driving […]


This holiday season, more Gen Z and millennial shoppers than ever are turning to TikTok, Instagram, and other sites to find and purchase gifts. Savannah Baron maintains an exhaustive list of ideal gifts, such as a camping chair love seat for the couple who enjoys the outdoors, a refillable candle for your environmentally conscious cousin, […]
Entrepreneur’s director of social media Sana Ali and TikTok’s @dermdoctor discuss everything TikTok creators should know about making content that goes viral — and helps people in the process. With more than 12 million followers, Dr. Muneeb Shah (@dermdoctor) is one of the most influential creators on TikTok today. If you’re among his massive fanbase, you know that […]
Now testing on iOS: Edge to edge Tweets that span the width of the timeline so your photos, GIFs, and videos can have more room to shine. pic.twitter.com/luAHoPjjlY — Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) September 7, 2021 Twitter first tested the bigger photos and improved image previews in March before rolling them out broadly two months later, […]


In an age when e-commerce is popular, an ecommerce website should reduce clutter and introduce new and innovative features for a more convenient shopping experience. To improve user experience, portals have already introduced new features such as 360-degree product reviews, dynamic product search, and product filtering. If you want to launch an e-commerce website, there […]
The pandemic-era e-commerce favorite is experiencing a severe slowdown.Shopify’s (SHOP -5.59%) stock has dropped over 80% since its all-time high in November. The Canadian e-commerce services firm was once a hot stock, but bulls fled when its growth slowed in the post-lockdown era. Rising interest rates aggravated the agonizing fall. But, after giving up all […]
papmall® announced the establishment of an eCommerce marketplace platform to let online sellers and shoppers communities connect and exchange values throughout the world. The platform is designed to be the most technologically advanced companion for your online business and freelance employment. By serving as a tool for independent freelancers, SMEs, and Startups, papmall® is embracing […]


Using AI in ecommerce: Maximizing profits with insights from data The rise of ecommerce has completely revolutionized the modern-day retail industry. With more and more businesses opting for online sales and purchases of products, the importance of data & analytics have skyrocketed. By leveraging AI and big data, ecommerce websites are becoming better than ever […]

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