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Every time Domain is modified Name Server (DNS) records, DNS propagation kicks in. Your DNS IP will change while this process is taking several hours or even days to complete. Your old website or the new one might be visited by your visitors. We have a list of seven helpful online tools you can use […]
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It may appear difficult to learn how to publicize your business online, but with the right tools and strategies, you can increase your reach and visibility on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Vertical Leap defines digital public relations and how it can help your business grow by […]
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It can be challenging to completely erase your online presence, whether you want to increase your online privacy or need to get rid of some embarrassing digital traces. It is very difficult to remember everything you have done online and delete it. But don’t worry, you can find and remove information about yourself online if […]
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Google is delaying Play Store review submissions for 24 hours. What you should knowGoogle’s Play Store is getting a new app review procedure.The new policy will cause fresh reviews to be published up to 24 hours after they are filed.With the new move, Google hopes to deter fraudulent reviews and ratings.Google aims to make app […]
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Have your efforts to collect unclear and ineffective website feedback from all of your stakeholders overwhelmed you? We’ve all heard that a negative feedback loop with clients can harm the relationship and stifle creativity. Obtaining actionable feedback from clients at the right time is a difficult task. The good news is that there are tools […]
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Along with the overall ratings for groupings of URLs, Google Search Console will now report on the Core Web Vitals (CWV) scores of particular URLs. This means that Search Console users will have access to more granular data. The updated Core Web Vitals report in Google Search Console will help you identify URLs that are […]
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This automated generator for cookie policies was first thought strictly for internal use in our business activities of digital marketing and web development. EU E-Privacy Directive, or “Cookie Law” made it compulsory as it became known. Protect your website now. Although, very few people know how to make a Privacy Policy agreement the way it should be […]
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Having the right IT infrastructure for your small business is very important, small business does not have the budget or resources to set up an IT infrastructure that mimics much larger organizations with bigger pockets. Do you want to know how to setup up your small business IT infrastructure like an enterprise? This article will […]
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Understand Your Audience: Tips for Creating Engaging Content Creating engaging content is essential in order to reach and have a positive impact on your target audience. Whether you’re a business writing for prospects or a content creator writing for readers, your audience should always be the focus. Without engaging content, you risk alienating potential customers […]


When it comes to site design, more isn’t necessarily better. A well-designed one-page website may effectively express the products or services of small firms and individuals. Even if the site structure appears to be restricted, its basic style may be helpful in enticing consumers to focus on a particular component of a business and driving […]


In an age when e-commerce is popular, an ecommerce website should reduce clutter and introduce new and innovative features for a more convenient shopping experience. To improve user experience, portals have already introduced new features such as 360-degree product reviews, dynamic product search, and product filtering. If you want to launch an e-commerce website, there […]
The pandemic-era e-commerce favorite is experiencing a severe slowdown.Shopify’s (SHOP -5.59%) stock has dropped over 80% since its all-time high in November. The Canadian e-commerce services firm was once a hot stock, but bulls fled when its growth slowed in the post-lockdown era. Rising interest rates aggravated the agonizing fall. But, after giving up all […]
papmall® announced the establishment of an eCommerce marketplace platform to let online sellers and shoppers communities connect and exchange values throughout the world. The platform is designed to be the most technologically advanced companion for your online business and freelance employment. By serving as a tool for independent freelancers, SMEs, and Startups, papmall® is embracing […]


March is National Women’s History Month — a time designated to elevating and celebrating the contributions and achievements of women past and present.   This year, two women entrepreneurs in New York hosted different events over the past weekend to showcase, empower, connect, and honor women in business. The Black Entrepreneur Women’s History Month Pop-Up […]


Using AI in ecommerce: Maximizing profits with insights from data The rise of ecommerce has completely revolutionized the modern-day retail industry. With more and more businesses opting for online sales and purchases of products, the importance of data & analytics have skyrocketed. By leveraging AI and big data, ecommerce websites are becoming better than ever […]

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