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Your website serves as your company’s greeting card. To encourage visitors to contact you, inquire about your services, and become self-contained leads, you must provide them with an intuitive user experience, especially when it comes to initiating conversation, and simply displaying a bland contact page or listing your email address in the footer will not […]
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A website can be a valuable resource for a small business owner, but attracting customers to a new website can be difficult. Learn how to develop a solid website promotion strategy to assist you in creating great content, developing an online presence, raising brand awareness, and increasing website traffic. How to Promote Your Website by […]
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Social media is an excellent way to promote your business, but before you start posting, you should be aware of the legal implications of your actions. Social media has become an indelible part of our lives, not only for individuals, but also for small businesses and their employees. Smart use of social media platforms can […]
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This automated generator for cookie policies was first thought strictly for internal use in our business activities of digital marketing and web development. EU E-Privacy Directive, or “Cookie Law” made it compulsory as it became known. Protect your website now. Although, very few people know how to make a Privacy Policy agreement the way it should be […]
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An inflationary environment tests brands and requires smart navigation India and the world are now discussing rapid inflation at the highest policy-making levels. Virtually every day, there are reports on the rising prices of fuel, transportation, edible oil, vegetables and fruits. Recent estimates say that retail inflation is likely to breach 8 per cent in […]
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When is the best time to post on Instagram? Later analyzed over 35M feed posts (excluding Reels) to find the answer. When is the best time to post on Instagram? Later analyzed over 35M feed posts (excluding Reels) to find the answer. The result? We discovered the average best time to post on Instagram for […]
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Because of mediums like social media, digital marketing has evolved. However, we are still at the earlier stages of its development because no one has yet tapped into its true potential. Some businesses have used influencer marketing, but it is an unexplored space with so much to offer. I have seen drastic changes occur within […]
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ike many emerging technologies, blockchain is still trying to find its footing in the business world. But this hasn’t stopped startups from embracing the technology and working to bring it into the mainstream. If you’re one of these startups or simply interested in learning more about blockchain marketing strategies, you’ll want to read on. This post […]

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Here is a list of mid-September product releases and upgrades from firms that provide services to online merchants. Live shopping, email marketing, warehousing and distribution, sustainable last-mile logistics, ecommerce platforms, and cryptocurrency payment alternatives are all updated. Bluehost introduces new commerce features for WordPress. Bluehost, a WordPress hosting provider, has introduced additional features for launching […]
Google is delaying Play Store review submissions for 24 hours. What you should knowGoogle’s Play Store is getting a new app review procedure.The new policy will cause fresh reviews to be published up to 24 hours after they are filed.With the new move, Google hopes to deter fraudulent reviews and ratings.Google aims to make app […]



March is National Women’s History Month — a time designated to elevating and celebrating the contributions and achievements of women past and present.   This year, two women entrepreneurs in New York hosted different events over the past weekend to showcase, empower, connect, and honor women in business. The Black Entrepreneur Women’s History Month Pop-Up […]
Now testing on iOS: Edge to edge Tweets that span the width of the timeline so your photos, GIFs, and videos can have more room to shine. — Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) September 7, 2021 Twitter first tested the bigger photos and improved image previews in March before rolling them out broadly two months later, […]