Free Rank Tracker and SEO tools via Google Sheet

I was recently searching for a quick google sheet to send to my students. Fortunately, I found these links below. Sharing with you so you could use them.

These are from 🙂

1. Free keyword position rank checker tool
Make a copy of the Legacy Google Sheet or Install the new Google Sheet Add-on.

2. Infinite “Google Autocomplete” Suggestions
Access this tool online at

3. Unlinked brand mention finder
Make a copy of the Google Sheet.

4. Bulk keyword search volume tool
Make a copy of the Google Sheet.

5. Negative SEO monitoring
Access this tool online at

You can till access all our other tools directly at or by following the links below.

6. Link disavow wizard
7. Bulk domain status code tool
8. Free email list cleaner
9. Keyword research tool with Google Autocomplete
10. Simple SEO site audit tool
11. G̃ooberSug̃g̃est SEO keyword research tool
12. Monitor SEO website changes with SEOcheck
13. JSON-LD structured data and sitelinks search box creator tool
14. Title tag and meta description auto verify tool
15. Find business address by website domain
16. SERPitude SERP & rich snippet testing tool
17. SERP volatility checker
18. Free link reclamation SEO tool
19. Mobile friendly SERP testing tool
20. Keyword difficulty tool opportunity finder
21. Free rich snippet testing tool