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How is Labor Day Observed Across the World?

Every year on May 1st, more than 80 nations throughout the world observe International Labor Day. The day is observed in the United States throughout the month of September. What is the Day’s importance, and why is it still commemorated with respect and honor? The easy answer to the issue is found in the hard labor and suffering of employees all around the world.

However, the basic concept of the Day is quite clear: this day represents the working class and their achievements in society. It boosted the efforts of the working class for their jobs.

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This Day necessitates respect and allegories, as well as facilities and opportunity for them. In 1929, TIME Magazine defined the significance of the day, as for the old-fashioned folks, May Day signifies flowers, grass, picnics, and children, which is why they do not celebrate the day on May 1st. To -up- and-do socialists and communists, this includes making speeches, parading, bombing, and using violence. Although May Day, 1886, had a historic appearance when approximately 2,50,000 US workers orchestrated a nationwide strike for an eight-hour day of work.

Workers from other sections of the country soon joined the strike, and it became a huge momentum in history for their organized demands and payment options. In Russia, Labor Day is known as International Workers’ Solidarity Day or Spring Day.

May Day is celebrated with tremendous pomp and show in communist nations such as China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, Hungary, and Poland. Actually, celebrating the Day means supporting the cause, achievements, and contributions of laborers, workers, and peasants, as well as working for their rights and protection. According to the prophet Mohammad (PBUH), laborers should be paid before their perspiration falls off their brows.

In Islam, labor is respected because he earns his living through his sweat. The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is reported to have said, “Your employees are your brothers upon whom Allah has given you authority. So be kind to them and treat them like your brothers.” If a Muslim has another person under his control, he/she should feed them with what one eats and clothe them with what one wears, and you should not overburden them.

As a result, we must set an example for the rest of the world to follow. Unfortunately, we are far behind the UNO and world’s aims and standards for labor welfare. Our hotels,factories,private firms, and house servants are the worst instances of human exploitation.

The 1st of May serves as a reminder to us to recognize worker rights and to regard them as persons competing for survival of the fittest.

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