How To Become a Profitable and Successful Social Influencer During The Pandemic

Another essential step to success on social networks is knowing who you want to target. For this task, you can look for inspiration in other accounts targeting the same niche as you. It’s completely valid if you choose to aim for a similar style of the accounts you looked up for inspiration. It’s not about copying them, but about being inspired by them. This inspired aesthetic will help you identify yourself to an audience similar to theirs and, in turn, help you find a similar follower base.

Study your inspirational accounts carefully. Find their most successful posts and try to break them down into their core elements. This analysis will help you generate a similar post. Everything works as long as it’s with your personal touch and from your originality.

Evaluate according to your content, what would be your ideal audience? That is, if what you like to do is show your creative process as a fashion designer, you cannot aim at a gamer audience.

Choose          a          leading          social network      


The last, but at the same time, the most crucial step, choose a network on which you want to establish yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you have to open an account in only one network and only dedicate yourself to it. No! But you should start in one initially, at least while you consolidate your content and build up a community.

There are many networks where you can create content. For example, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the most popular. However, YouTube can grant you quick fame if you use it correctly, and Tiktok, in the last year, became the most downloaded social network in both PlayStore and iStore.

To choose a social network to work on, you first need to know it, know how it works and why not, its secrets. This knowledge will also help you find a network that identifies with you, for example, it’s not the same to upload images to Instagram accompanied by a caption that makes you fall in love and seduce the customer. It’s not the same as making a video for YouTube that engages the subscriber enough to see the whole thing.

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