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How to Build a Do-It-Yourself Home Bar for Christmas and New Year’s Eve Parties

It’s time to celebrate as the year comes to a close. Plus, with dark nights and cold weather, having some fun makes the winter months bearable. There are plenty of social opportunities this time of year, whether you’re a year-round social butterfly or need to dust off your dancing shoes.

Remember that December is known as the “party season” for a reason. A home bar is always a crowd-pleasing choice whether you’re hosting Christmas Day, throwing a New Year’s Eve celebration, or simply having a party for the sake of having a party. You get extra points if you can shake a cocktail shaker!

To be honest, very few of us are fortunate enough to have a bar in our home. Fortunately, building a DIY bar is simpler than you might think. Continue reading to learn our top tips for setting up a home bar.

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Begin by purchasing a drinks trolley.
You have to start somewhere, specifically a location to store and prepare drinks. Drinks trolleys are a great option for smaller areas, such as a hallway, in terms of both appearance and functionality. They not only save space, but they can also be wheeled away after use. They’re ideal for storing ingredients and barware as well as preparing drinks.

Choose a cabinet if you have extra space.
A well-stocked drinks cabinet is ideal for self-service (on nights when you want to spend more time hosting and less time bartending). Leave the doors open and stock the shelves with pre-poured glasses of fizz.

Choose a drinks cabinet with plenty of shelves and compartments for all your glassware, spirits, and mixers for plenty of storage – this will also make it the ideal self-serve cocktail station. Add coupes, flutes, highball glasses, tumblers, an ice bucket, and garnishes. Finally, stock it with a variety of spirits and mixers – and don’t forget a spirit measure. When cocktail hour arrives, open your cabinet and invite your guests in.

Choose opulent bar accessories.
No bar is complete without functional accessories, such as an ice bucket, bottle opener, and cocktail shaker. But, as useful as they are, they don’t have to be boring. To dress up your evening, choose embellished but functional bar accessories. Consider metals, semi-precious stones, unique designs, and sleek finishes.

You can also use your accessories to decorate for the holidays. Fill an extra large ice bucket to the brim with your favorite bottles of fizz, then place it as an eye-catching centerpiece. You can also use it to chill cocktail glasses for an opulent finishing touch.

The finishing touches

If you want to create the atmosphere of a bar too, it’s all about the ambience and special extra touches to take your party to the next level. We suggest dimming the lights and creating some ambience with a variety of lamps. Floor Lamps are well-suited to the cosy corners of the room and provide a laidback glow. For the bar itself, choose petite table lamps to cast out a subtle glow. Don’t forget to turn your ceiling lights off to maximise the atmosphere.

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