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How to Hire Top SEO and Content Marketing Professionals in 2023

Learn how to build a winning recruiting and retention plan for your digital marketing team next year.

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Important Takeaways for Hiring Managers

  • High demand combined with a candidate-driven market results in a competitive landscape where talent is in charge of the recruiting debate.
  • Make certain that your firm and job advertising are appealing to your target demographic.
  • Prioritize the features that applicants find most appealing: Work-life balance, professional advancement, flexibility, and competitive salary are all benefits of an inclusive/diverse workplace culture.
  • For most in-demand positions, consider a totally off-site work environment.

Look for These Top SEO & Content Hire Skills
When hiring a content marketer or SEO professional, it can be difficult to identify whether individuals have the appropriate skill sets.

Investigating the specifics of the role is one way to attract more qualified applicants to your job postings.

The most popular SEO talents are:

  1. Google Analytics.
  2. Keyword research.
  3. Communication.
  4. Data Studio (Dashboards).
  5. Content strategy.

The following are the most prevalent content marketing skills:

  1. Campaign strategy/marketing.
  2. Social media.
  3. Communication.
  4. Customer experience/UX.
  5. Editorial.

If you’re just getting started with your SEO and content team, use your internal recruiting or a hiring agency.

As more business executives identify SEO as an important avenue for driving high-quality, high-converting traffic, more organizations will recruit these people in 2023.

The hunt for hybrid and remote jobs is increasing significantly, emphasizing the importance of workplace flexibility and workplace conditions.

Salary Trends in Content Marketing and SEO for 2023
The information provided here represents national averages; however, compensation will vary depending on the job description, the industry in which your firm operates, and the size or revenue of your current corporation.

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Organizational Retention Strategies
The work environment is crucial, and corporate leaders should consider the influence of their organizational strategies on retention rates and the expense of replacing key people.

Determine what your talent appreciates the most.

Here are the main reasons why people stay with their present employer:

Excellent work-life balance.
Possibilities for learning and growth
A large salary or substantial financial benefits
You may manage adopting anything new by first understanding your team’s culture and demographic fit.

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