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How to Implement a Just-In-Time Learning Strategy in Your Organization

Just-in-time learning is more than a buzzword; it’s also a successful method that allows employees to absorb and apply information on the fly. By providing a vehicle for workers to receive information rapidly in the flow of work, organizations may empower employees and boost knowledge retention.

But what if your company lacks a just-in-time learning strategy? Don’t be afraid: starting one is simple. Continue reading to learn four strategies for implementing on-demand learning in your workplace.

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Don’t complicate it.

Several tools and programs have been created specifically to house just-in-time learning content. Although these content delivery vehicles are convenient, you don’t always need elaborate software to create a strategy. A simple shared site, intranet, or knowledge database will often suffice.

A great place to start is to leverage your knowledge management system. It’s a great place to house content such as articles, answers to frequently asked questions, video tutorials, and job aids. If your organization already has one, congrats. If not, consider the other tools you currently have at your disposal. Chances are you have access to a shared site or intranet that all employees can access. Make it easy for employees to access content from a centralized location, ideally with no more than two clicks.

Incorporate training into training.
Create training that requires learners to use your just-in-time learning platform to solve difficulties. This teaches learners how to search your resource library for answers to inquiries or to learn new methods.

Create a marketing strategy.
They will come if you create it. Will they, or won’t they? Don’t bank on it. Make a marketing strategy to build interest and buzz about your new project.
Find corporate stakeholders that will support your just-in-time learning platform. Consider the audience you want to target. Then proceed one or two levels above and target these leaders as strategic champions. Once you’ve demonstrated the benefits of your method to this group, employ them as messengers and urge them to spread the word about your idea.

It should be measured.
Create an assessment plan to measure the success of your learning technique. The tool’s adoption is one of the first KPIs to monitor. This may be accomplished by analyzing views and clicks on certain resources. Examine which resources are most often accessed. This might signal that more training on the subject is required.
Survey your learners once your platform has been in place for a few months to discover areas for improvement. Use this poll to see whether there is a need for more subjects in your repository.

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