How to Open A Paypal Account in The Philippines

To open a personal PayPal account, you’ll need to provide your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Step 1: Go to PayPal Website

Go to PayPal website PayPal website and click the signup button at the top to signup for a new account.


Step 2: Create your PayPal account


Click the signup button, choose your country or region.

After that, choose the type of account that is right for you. There are Two types of PayPal accounts, namely, Personal Account (Shop Online or send and receive money. All without sharing your payment info.) and Business Account (Accept PayPal and all cards online or at the register. Send secure invoices to you customers.)

Step 3: Enter your information and activate your account

How To Open a PayPal Account in The Philippines 03 |  Business Advice |


Step 4: Choosing Your Account and Your Done

Buy with Confidence – Speed through checkout with millions of sites.
Send Money – Pay someone back or send money to friends and family.

Get 6 months to pay – on purchase $99 or more with PayPal Credit, a built-in credit line.

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