How to Prevent WordPress hacks

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This can’t be truer in regards to website hacks. WordPress sites are compromised not by sophisticated hackers but by bots written to exploit known vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities include weak passwords, outdated plugins and themes, and poor-quality web hosting.

When a site is hacked, the following things can be effected:

  • Files can be uploaded to the server containing malicious code or PHP backdoors
  • Files already on the server, such as your theme files, can be modified
  • Code can be injected into your WordPress database
  • Users with administrative privileges can be added to your WordPress database
  • Numerous post and pages can be published containing spam code
  • Your site can be redirected to malware sites

In other words, having your site hacked can be a BIG mess to fix. It can truly take hours to recover, and your SEO can take a big hit if Google decides to blacklist your site. See: Sites Hosting Malware Get 30 Day Ban from Google.

Luckily, preventing hacks is quite easy, though it does require diligence.

10 Tips for Preventing WordPress Hacks

1 – Use strong passwords

You should get a password tracking tool like 1Password to track all your passwords. You can no longer use the same password on every internet account and get away with it. You can’t use your dog’s name or favorite soft drink or band name. You need unmemorable, long, difficult passwords.

In the past couple weeks, I’ve had two clients call me because their Gmail, Instagram, or AppleID was hacked due to using a weak password. It is very easy to use a password hacking program to discover what your password is. In both cases, my clients used passwords that could be guessed by a password detection tool in under 1 second!

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