Influence And Grow Your List Using Email Marketing – Part 2


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Make Your Content Scannable

You have to break you content up into short paragraphs. Your subscribers are busy living their lives, so you have to adapt to this situation, by making your emails easy to scan by including images and subheading.

These images and subheading will lead them through the email easily. A teaser should be added at the top of your newsletter to let your subscribers know what is in store for them. Make your subject-line easy to digest and to the point too.

Leave tons of time for revision and editing. Check your style and grammar, as these components are very important for your emails.

Being Friendly

Write using a friendly, informal tone. Since your subscribers will be in a relaxed frame of mind when they check out their emails, a friendly tone will work most effectively. Therefore, avoid using a strong formal tone in your emails; instead make sure to write naturally. In addition, you should include the subscriber’s first name in the greetings to make the email personalized and to make them feel valued.

Knowing Your Audience

You need to figure out what is important for the subscribers of your list. What do they love? Are they young or old? Did they purchase products or services from you in the past? You need to know a lot of things about your audience, as this will allow you to be able to send relevant and targeted copy to them.

The Value Proposition And Unique Selling Proposition

You need to find out the reasons why your customers buy your service or product. What are the main benefits of the product? Why is your service or product a lot better than its competitors? What makes it unique?

This is the kind of information that can make your email copy standout. If your offer really stands out from the competition, you will get a great response.

Therefore, you need to emphasize something that your competitors do not offer or that they will not offer in the future to your subscribers. Your proposition must be so strong that your subscribers feel they are pulled by the features or the proposition.

Creating Compelling Subject Lines

In the subject line, you will try to convince your subscribers that they really need to open the email. “You” is the best word you can use to attract the attention of your readers.

This word says that the message is not about your product but about them. This personal touch allows you to connect with your readers and build relationships.

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