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Marketers now have access to a ‘ChatGPT-like’ analytics tool.

Dealtale has announced Marketing Co-Pilot, a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform that allows marketers to ask questions about performance data and receive thorough replies. The announcement comes amid a larger trend of businesses experimenting with AI as the technology gains widespread appeal.

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Marketing Co-Pilot is “a ChatGPT-like feature that allows marketers to ask complex questions about their past, present, and future performance metrics, and instantly receive answers based on data from across their marketing and sales stack, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and social channels,” according to a press release.

While ChatGPT has been demonstrated to be completely capable of replying to marketing-specific enquiries, it is intended for more broad application. It’s also had a rapid climb to mainstream appeal, reaching over a million users in only five days after its November 2022 launch, causing several firms, such Ryan Reynolds’ Mint Mobile, to begin incorporating the AI model into marketing efforts.

Marketing Co-Pilot, which is set to be live in the spring of this year, has been created to be a user-friendly system that can “assist marketers of all disciplines make their best strategic decisions, from the marketing manager to the CMO,” according to the business.

A brief demo film provided by Dealtale depicts a lady asking Marketing Co-Pilot some hypothetical inquiries, such as “How many website visits did we have each week in 2022? ” The system answers with a bar graph.

The movie concludes with a sales pitch: “Get the answers you need immediately, so you can spend more time doing what we marketers do best: thinking up big ideas that link us to our audience.” In other words, let AI free your team from mundane and time-consuming tasks.

Far from seeing AI as a danger that would render human marketers useless, many experts now see it as a complementary creative tool that may augment and support existing methods while perhaps driving certain professionals out of the field.

While it may appear like AI is suddenly omnipresent, the fact is that it is just now finding its place in the marketing world. Many brands are eager to find profitable and sustainable use-cases for AI models like ChatGPT, and some have failed: Avocados from Mexico recently rescinded its decision to include ChatGPT in its Super Bowl LVII campaign, and Google cost its parent company Alphabet around $100 billion earlier this month when its AI-powered chatbot Bard fumbled a fact about the James Webb Space Telescope during a public demo.

Initiatives like the Marketing Co-Pilot highlight both the air of experimentation and the enormous amount of excitement that exists surrounding AI right now. Conversica, another business, is introducing a ChatGPT-like app called Conversica Chat later this week.

“It’s always helpful to begin to explore and experiment with tech in order to identify the right use-cases and applications and find what will drive long-term value,” says Brian Yamada, Chief innovation officer at VMLY&R. “Generative AI is evolving quickly, and it’s important to get moving.”

Source: Marketers now have Access to a ‘ChatGPT-like’ Analytics Tool

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