Micro Jobs


Post Your Micro Job

Posting your micro job is free! You will also get a free hour on us. The minimum is 2 hours with the inclusion of 30 minutes re-editing or tweaking. Waitfor your project manager to contact you within 24 hours.


Micro Job Fees

Our minimum hourly fee ranges from Php100/$2 to $5 depending on the micro job complexity. Your project manager will then give you ways on how you can send payment for the hours the task will take and he/she will also give you the necessary access to your micro job dashboard.


Micro Job Fulfillment

You will be in contact with the micro job freelancer that your project manager will assign to you via your dashboard. We will help you and the freelance professional assigned to you to sign off on every task you give us. Satisfaction guaranteed!

MIcro Jobs Categories

Choose from 1 hour content writing micro jobs to 5 hours consulting. From social media micro jobs to 3 hour worth of graphic services.

Trust that your task will be handled perfectly by our trusted Zipsite team and outsource professionals.



Would you like to have business consulting on anything tech? Hit us up!

Writing Micro Jobs


Need Content writing, or content management? Choose this service category.

data entry micro jobs

Data Entry

Hire an expert to handle your data entry so you can focus on what matters

graphics micro jobs

Graphics Services

Get instant graphics services from our top providers. From logo creation to social media graphics.

audio digital micro jobs

Music and Audio

You’ve got a message. Let the world hear it with our affordable music, audio & voice services from top professionals in the industry.

WEb Research micro jobs

Web Research

Research your competitor, add to Google sheets then share. From simple research to keyword research post your services today.

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Claim the top search spot with performance-based SEO services.

social media micro jobs

Social Media

Social media services from likes, to sharing, to creating an honest review of a product.

User Testing

Product User Testing

Would you like to get honest feedback from real users? Love your product? Find out if others do too!

Video and animation micro job

Video and Animation

Get affordable video and animation for your company’s social media or presentation. Hit us up!

Virtual assistants micro jobs

Virtual Assistants

Get virtual assistance per hour from verified and qualified professionals to save time and keep you focused on your passion or your work.

Programming micro jobs

Web Development

Small tweaks to your website? Custom forms? Or would you like to create a new site with someone guiding you? Post your web development micro job today.