My 8 Year Old Can Perfect Your Pitch

Meet JT.Jaden is almost 8. He loves dinosaurs, sharks, Godzilla, Lego, mostly anything “huge”, burgers, peanut butter or cheese sandwiches, and milk. Mostly, in that order.

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I’ve never met a customer as hard to convert as Jaden. He won’t eat vegetables OR fruits. He needs to be sold or tricked on the idea. He’s really not that different from most of your customers who clearly have a need for what you’re selling.

But I don’t like vegetables.

You can’t just tell JT that he’s hungry and that veggies trumps his most favorite food. You also can’t just tell your customers that you’ll save them 20 hours, thousands of dollars, and get a free prize for signing up.

Those are great bullet points to keep on your page, but they won’t work unless:

  • They feel like they can trust you.
  • They feel as if you’ve spoken directly to them.
  • They feel you are empathetic to their needs.

Emotion trumps logic. Without these feelings, everything else is a meaningless feature bullet that doesn’t exist to them. With Jaden that means getting down on his level, looking him in the eyes, and explaining:

“I understand how you feel. When I was little like you, I don’t like eating vegetables either.”

I didn’t mention the nutrition he’s going to get when he eats veggies. I didn’t offer a “FREE” chocolate milk (JT’s favorite) if he eats his veggies. I didn’t just tell him I’d solve his problem. Creating emotional connections is a basic pitch style with proven effectiveness you can use for anything. You need it in addition to a logical set of value propositions.

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