papmall® announced the establishment of an eCommerce marketplace platform to let online sellers and shoppers communities connect and exchange values throughout the world. The platform is designed to be the most technologically advanced companion for your online business and freelance employment.

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By serving as a tool for independent freelancers, SMEs, and Startups, papmall® is embracing a new role in delivering a new solution for the majority of businesses today.

  • Reduce sellers’ initial costs when they sign up to open a store on the papmall® e-Commerce marketplace platform (such as rent, setup, maintenance, and marketing fees).
  • Providing a number of secure payment alternatives allows sellers to receive payments at any time and from any location.
  • Give sellers with no prior understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and paid ad support, and assist them in ranking highly in the marketplace.
  • Papmallresearch ®’s and development team helps sellers increase sales efficiency through user insights research and UI/UX improvement.
  • Sellers may feel confident and safeguard their brand when doing business on papmall® by managing and minimizing fraud risk.
  • Reaching out to more targeted clients entails supporting sellers in making it easier for them to sell their items (such as digital goods) in the niche market.
  • Opening a business on papmall® boosts new vendors’ status, and they receive online sales training from a group of subject matter experts.
  • They may automate the online sales process by using papmallorder ®’s processing and seller compensation.

The future function and ambition of the papmall® eCommerce marketplace platform

Papmall® aspires to create a colorful and energetic e-commerce environment. By 2025, papmall® will be the leading B2C & B2B eCommerce marketplace platform in the service-providing business for worldwide markets.

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