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It’s all too simple (and all too seductive) in digital marketing to compartmentalize the numerous sub-disciplines into their own realms.

Here comes SEO, the big one.

Then there’s social media marketing, and PPC ads over here.

But that’s a black-and-white perspective.

In this situation, I’d want to discuss the relationship between PPC and quality content.

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Content and PPC data can compliment each other in more than one manner.

There are numerous places where these two digital marketing layers come together to make a better whole, ranging from landing page copy to CPC statistics to enhancing click-through rates.

And, assuming you want to boost both your PPC effectiveness and your content traffic, you can benefit from this.

So keep reading for useful hints on combining your content and PPC advertising!

Use PPC Ads to Direct People to Your Brand
Paid ads, contrary to popular assumption, help (indirectly) increase traffic to organic Google results by increasing brand awareness in the minds of users.

This is due to the fact that people who see paid advertisements are more likely to recall your brand when completing a subsequent search, even if only subconsciously.

This might theoretically give your brand a more authoritative or larger-than-life appearance.

Brand affinity also significantly enhances the CTR of returning visitors.

Provide an Outstanding Landing Page Experience
Even the most savvy paid media manager can struggle to create a landing page that meets the needs of the client and their vision.

Content marketers are natural storytellers and artists in their own right.

Discover Content Insights Using PPC Keyword Data
Keywords are one aspect that your SEO and PPC campaigns already have in common.

Utilize your PPC keyword data to determine which terms provide the most traffic and money.

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