Shopify! The best ecommerce website builder.

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Through intuitive software and innovative features, Shopify has become the best ecommerce website builder.

Ten years ago, there was no clear leader in ecommerce websites— and then Shopify arrived. Shopify brought intuitive software and innovative features. Today they are the industry leader and the best website builder for ecommerce.


Over the last ten years, Shopify has risen to become the industry leader.

Shopify has come to dominate ecommerce software by constantly innovating and improving— while always remaining clear and easy of use. It’s a magical balancing act that’s unusual in the world of software.

Shopify is clear and easy to use.

The App Store is it’s biggest differentiator. The Shopify core covers what 80% of online stores will need and the app store covers the other 20%— that way the core doesn’t get bloated with features most stores don’t need. Shopify is not the only ecommerce website builder to offer an app stores but they have significantly more apps than any competitor

Shopify has significantly more apps than their closest competitors.

Besides the app store, Shopify has continually launched innovative features like Shopify PaymentsShopify POS and Shopify Augmented Reality that push the industry forward— at a pace competitors rarely keep up with.

Beyond features, the thing I most often hear from users is that they love that Shopify is so easy to use. It’s clear, simple and intuitive.

Shopify Payments

Ecommerce stores require a credit card processor to accept credit cards. For a long time, processors were 3rd parties like Paypal or Braintree— but in 2013 Shopify released their own credit card processor: Shopify Payments.

At first, Shopify Payments was just a way for stores to get up and running quickly. With none of the hassle of setting up a 3rd party credit card processor, stores could start accepting orders immediately. It all just worked.

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