Zipsite is more than just a team or a place to work.

We’re a place to learn, thrive, & grow – as people & professionals.

Our "Super" Company culture

Company culture is an integral part of Zipsite's core.  To be accepted as one of us, you should have a "great" indomitable character and common values.

We believe in placing greater weight on character attributes than on specific educational background, practical skills, specialized knowledge, or work experience.

  • It's important to empower our team.
  • Laughter eases not just the heart, but the work load.
  • User happiness is key to team happiness.
  • Code is best served clean.
  • Family comes first.
  • Food can motivate one person but "great food" an army.

We live and work in the beautiful city of Davao, Philippines!

Located in Mindanao, Davao is a very dynamic city in economic terms, providing many professional opportunities for foreigners or locals alike.

Stretching over 2,444 km², Davao is undeniably the largest Philippine city besides being one of its major economic centres. Located on the Mindanao Island, its population consists of some 1.6 million inhabitants according to the last population census conducted in 2015. Note that Davao city is divided into 182 villages called barangay.

Among Davao's features, you have the Mount Apo, which is the archipelago's highest peak, as well as the durian, a popular fruit in the country despite its strong and unpleasant aroma.

MIssion Statement

"Upholding core company values while elevating lives, producing efficient, positive results, and create products that can help make an impact to the world."

The Team

This is the Zipsite team, some of which have been with the company 12 years and more.

zipsite maida edited |

Maida B.

COO, Musician, Pastry Chef, Entrepreneur, Jiu Jit Su Enthusiast

She's the voice of Zipsite and has been guiding Zipsite from its infancy to the present. She is known to be the "tiny" person with the biggest voice. Really!

zipsite roy |

Jonathan Roy Barrientos

CEO, CFO, Entrepreneur, Hobbyist, Jits Enthusiast

He is THE ROCK which Zipsite stands on. He founded Zipsite Cafe and together with wife Maida, they're a truly unstoppable team.

zipsite kareen2 |

Kareen Abellar Castanos

Senior Lead Architect

She has been with Zipsite for over 11 years and has honed her coding skills to 400%. She is wacky as she is strict in her coding style.

zipsite ronan edited |

Ronan Lee

Senior Lead Architect, JS Ninja

He is the ninja of the group. Why? Because he sneaks up to finish impossible coding challenges in no time.

zipsite marvin |

Marvin Martillano

Graphic Designer,Cook, Jiu Jit Su Blue Belt, Almost normal

He is the design ninja of the team. He has been creating logos and vectors since 2000 and has perfected his craft eversince. He is also a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jit Su.

zipsite cathy |

Catherine S. Hortillosa

Administrator, Morning News Person,

She is the inhouse-doctor and light of the team. She pushes team to be the best they can be and is great at managing content for multiple domains at the same time.

zipsite andre 1 |

Andre Cipriano

UI Designer

He loves to perfect his craft and has been doing that non-stop.

zipsite lucille |

Lucille Conde

Content Manager, Social media Manager

Quirky. Trendy. She is one of the most positive person on the team and knows social media, in the back of her hand.

zipsite jason2 |

Jayson Cano

UI Ninja

He is one of the quirkiest UI designers on the team but one of the most proficient and has no fear with creating the most unusual or compelling designs.

zipsite joseph |

Joseph Javier

Lead Developer

He has been with the company on the early stages. He is one of the most promising lead tech developers in the company and a rising star!

zipsite stephen2 edited |

Stephen Catacte

Lead Developer

Stephen is a junior web developer and has been growing leaps and bounds since we hired him.

Some of the reasons why top global companies choose us

It's not just because our prices are competitive, it's also because of these core things.



We have been in the digital space when IRC, Myspace and Yahoo Messenger was considered cool.  We have developed a lot of sites, implemented numerous strategies and evolved, as any great bespoke web company would.


Internationally Awarded and Recognized

Our client's projects has been featured and awarded in the domain space, seen in big press companies and even on Forbes list.


Core Values

We pride ourselves in having strong, innate core values that allows us to grow as a team, as a family towards mutually-beneficial goals.

MIssion Statement

"Upholding core company values while elevating lives, producing efficient, positive results, and create products that can help make an impact to the world."

"I have been with Zipsite since 2003 and has not looked back eversince. Our collaboration works on respect,defining and reaching mutual goals, transparency and trust. Now, we're partners and I consider Maida and the team family. "


Chad F.

"Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product and team 100 percent. Working with them from Day1 made me at ease and so will you!"


Michael Filippone

Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased with your team and the deliverables. You guys are great! "

Ricardo Lagdameo

Cary Lagdameo