There are many text to video converters and makers available in the market. They have varying feature set and editing options. Some of them are paid, while others are free or offer a trial period without any charges. Here are 7 great picks if you are searching for the best free, free-trail, or open-source text to video converters/makers.

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#1. wave.video

wave.video is an online free text to video converter. It enables users to easily and quickly transform a text or article into an AI-generated video. They can either paste the text or input a link to an article or blog post. It allows them to customize and edit the video and share it on social media. The major downside of the wave.video text to video maker is that it enforces a 15-second editing limit in the free plan. Users will have to upgrade to either the Creator or the Business plan for increasing the limit to 15 minutes or 30 minutes, respectively. The number of embeds allowed is capped at five, although social media native shares are unlimited. If you primarily create social media posts and find the 15-second limit adequate, then wave.video may be the best free text to video converter for you. Upgrading to a paid subscription may be a viable option depending on your requirements.

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#2. invideo

invideo is one of the best free text to video converters for casual users and professionals alike. It offers a free subscription plan that has the automated text to video functionality. Users can accomplish the same with a single click. The tool generates natural-sounding voices and can even select images automatically to complement them. The best thing about invideo text to video maker is that it does not insert a watermark in the videos unless you use assets from iStock Media Library or Premium Media. Usage of the Standard Media Library is allowed. invideo does impose a video duration limit of 15 minutes, and clips can only be rendered in 720p resolution in the free subscription plan. Creators don’t get reseller rights either. Otherwise, it is an excellent and free text to video converter for casual users and professionals.

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#3. Lumen5

Lumen5 is a free text to video maker that leverages the power of AI to automate the process. It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms to summarize text and automatically selects relevant media assets to complement it. The text can be entered manually or you can submit a link to a blog post. It even takes care of text positioning and placement and the length of each scene while considering the average reading speed of a user. Lumen5 text to video converter allows you to transform text quickly and conveniently into a video. Its free plan does impose a few limitations. Users are only allowed to create three videos a month. They have a maximum resolution of 720p and contain a Lumen5 watermark. If you don’t have an issue with these restrictions, then Lumen5 is one of the best free text to video makers for you.

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#4. viomatic

viomatic is another option for users searching for the best free or free-trial text to video converters. It can generate videos automatically from content provided by you or your website. You can even integrate viomatic’s CTV plugin into your content management system. The free Preview plan limits the video quality to 360p and the maximum length to 3 minutes, but it is still adequate for smartphones. However, you can’t download the video or upload it to YouTube. It will contain a watermark as well. If you don’t mind the limitations and want a free text to video converter that can create ads and campaigns for mobile devices, then viomatic may be a suitable option for you.

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#5. rawshorts

rawshorts is one of the best free-trial text to video maker. It allows you to create animated videos from text instantly for marketing and advertisement. You can either upload a video script or enter the URL for a blog post or article to convert text into videos. rawshorts text to video converter uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze the article or script and automatically creates concepts for the storyboard. It reduces the amount of time required to make a video from scratch by providing you with a rough draft. rawshorts even finds media assets based on the text and adds them to the video. The tool can generate a voice narration as well.  rawshorts text to video maker offers a 7-day free trial without requiring credit card information. It limits the number of exports to three with a maximum duration of two minutes each.

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#6. vidnami

When it comes to the best free-trial text to video converters, vidnami is a popular tool. Users can create content videos with it efficiently and quickly. All they need to do is enter their text, article, or blog post in vidnami. The tool makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to select clips from the vidnami media library and adds them to the video. They are chosen to match the subject matter of the text. There are fourteen text-to-speech narration voices available. Users can also record or upload a voiceover for the video. Multiple customization options are provided to them as well. vidnami is one of the best free-trial text to video converters that you can use for 14 days without having to pay any fee.

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#7. Article Video Robot

Article Video Robot is a simple and easy-to-use option among the best free text to video converters. It enables you to create videos from articles in a matter of few minutes. Users can add animation, graphics, soundtracks, and voiceover to their videos. There are different video styles available to them. Article Video Robot text to video maker has seven natural-sounding voices for narration. Its free Lite plan limits the video duration to 30-seconds, the number of voiceovers to three, and the video quality to below SD. Still, it is adequate for creating marketing and advertisements videos for smartphones and other small devices. Professional users may upgrade to a paid subscription.

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