The 7 Best Marketing Tools for your Start Up Business!

1) Google Analytics

Google Analytics

This is the simplest tool and everyone should know about it, but most people use it wrong and that’s what I hate about it. I log in five times a day – and that’s on the low end. Ten, fifteen times a day on the high end. But you have to set it up right.

For example, I have a ton of filters in my Google Analytics account. I’m analyzing based on region. I’m analyzing based on traffic sources. I look at which content does well and which doesn’t, based on each channel. So what does well on Facebook, what does well in e-mail blasts, what does well just from an organic standpoint. I’ve learned quite a bit thanks to Google Analytics.

Here are the insights that I’ve learned:

  • Whenever you pop up a blog content, I don’t care what country you’re targeting – U.S., Brazil, India – you have to give it six months to a year before you start seeing really good Google search traffic. If you don’t give it enough time, you won’t see much volume when it comes to your organic traffic.
  • What works well on Facebook doesn’t usually drive the most organic traffic to my site. So I’ve discovered from Google Analytics that my boring, simpler topics that are more basic, like “how to get more search engine traffic” or “how to get your website instantly indexing on Google” do extremely well from a organic perspective. But they don’t always do to well from a social media standpoint. So nowadays I’m creating articles that both appeal to my social audience and that cater towards people who use Google to find marketing related articles. That’s why I love Google Analytics, because without it, how are you going to get those insights? Plus it’s free.

2) ClickFlow

ClickFlow is a tool we built to help companies increase organic traffic without more backlinks or posting more content. Through ClickFlow, companies can automatically see which pages on their site have the most potential to grow revenues – such as pages that have high impression count in search but a low click through rate. Using that information, ClickFlow will keep track of headline tests to help grow your click throughs from search terms you already rank for.

The tool drives up your bottom line by showing you how much revenue you’ve gained and how much you stand to gain. It’s been used by companies like LeadPages, Drip, The Atlantic, and more.ClickFlow Organic traffic video

3) Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Just to build on the Google theme and the free theme, another favorite tool is Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools. This is fantastic for looking at and tracking what’s going on in the world of organic search or SEO for your website. And the great thing about Google Search Console is that you can connect it with your Google Analytics account now so you can see your top pages and how exactly they’re converting (like by top organic performance, etc.).

And you’re able to slice and dice the data and actually take some action from it and drive more revenues for your business. Now, what I really like about Google Search Console is that you can look at the crawl rate, if there are any crawl areas on your website. You can look at your search analytics. You can see what the click-through rate is on the search result pages.

I’ll give you an example. For Single Grain, my digital marketing agency, we have a 1.26% click-through rate on the homepage. The homepage is fairly general and we wanted to figure out how we could drive a higher click-through rate, thereby driving more traffic for the website. We decided to write the headline and the meta description for it – and wound up increasing that 1.26% CTR to 1.76% and, ultimately, driving more traffic (and thus leads, and thus revenue) to the homepage.

So there’s a lot you can do with Google Search Console. You can look at the click-through rate, you can look at the impressions your keywords are getting. If there are any issues, it will point them out as well and you can look deeper and deeper at the internal links to the website.

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