The Compounding Power of Free Traffic : Guest Blogging Demystified in 2020

What is Guest Blogging?

The simple answer to this question is quite easy. Guest Blogging is when you get approval from the owner of a blog to have your article published. Depending upon how much traffic this particular site gets your visitor volume can increase dramatically.

The harder part is actually getting your idea for a blog post accepted!

Now before you run off and start creating blog posts there are some key points to take into consideration here. I like to refer to this as blog etiquette!

You don’t want to confuse guest blogging with leaving blog comments. These are two totally separate identities. Anyone can leave a blog comment on a post or article. With a guest post you are being given the limelight or if you like the chance to create your own solo ad!

Take advantage of this and your business has the potential to explode overnight!

The Benefits of Guest Blogging

The main benefits of having a guest post published are twofold. Yes you will see an increase in traffic to your own site. But you will also be getting your name out into the community. This definitely helps with branding yourself and your business. This exposure can lead to you being introduced to other marketers and into business circles that can have positive effects on your overall business.

To start off, it is a great idea to sit down and figure out what your goals are from guest blogging. Do you just want to get links back to your site? Are you after recognition in your field or niche? Or maybe you are looking to network with other experienced marketers? All of these are great goals and knowing exactly what you hope to achieve will help you get started with guest blogging in the right direction.

How to Find Blogs to Post On

The biggest piece of advice we can give you here is to look for blogs that are in some way related to your niche. You want your article or blog post to be found on a site that contains relevant information. This way it will seem like a natural progression for the reader to follow any links back to your own blog.

If you are active in your niche you probably already follow a number of blogs. Add these to your list for possible places to guest blog on. Don’t forget to look for guest posts and follow the author’s links back to their site. This could be yet another place for you to offer a guest post. Especially if the author targeted a relevant niche, you can keep going in this manner and in no time have a huge list of blogs ready for the attack.

Posting on unrelated sites will still increase the number of visitors you get to your site, but they will not be targeted visitors. What we mean by this is that they will not have enough interest to sign up to your mailing list to download a free report. They will definitely not be buyers looking for the solution that you have to offer either. These types of visitors will be more of the general freebie visitor just browsing. So why waste a good article on this type of traffic?

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