The Headless CMS Big List for 2020

For brands looking to gain and retain consumer attention, such an environment poses a challenge, and an opportunity. The primary question brands will be asking themselves is; how can we get our content in front of the right audience, at the right time, and through the right device, when there are so many variables at play? Moreover, how are we going to scale our content marketing and advertising strategy to cover more devices and touchpoints, when we’re barely coping as it stands today?

What Is Headless and Decoupled Content Management? 

Before we dive in, let’s quickly recap on what headless and decoupled content management is. A headless CMS is like a traditional CMS, but without any way to present the content being created and stored within it. It simply allows for the creation, reading, updating and deleting (CRUD) of content. 

That might sound counterproductive at first, but the idea is that — thanks to the lack of a front-end delivery layer — brands can use any front-end tool they want to present the content, meaning they can deliver content beyond websites and apps, reaching any channel from kiosks to smartwatches and even inside virtual reality headsets.

A decoupled CMS works in the same way, but it throws in some handy front-end tools like templates and advanced drag-and-drop content modeling features. Hence, it has a head, it’s just decoupled from it, allowing the organization to draft in other front-end tools on an ad-hoc basis.

While headless and decoupled architecture are nothing new, the demand for this kind of solution is, as businesses look to deliver content to locations outside of the standard web browser.

The Growing Need for Headless Content Management in 2019

In an attempt to answer those two questions, we’ve seen old and new content management systems take on the title of “headless CMS” in recent years.

While many headless CMSs have been purpose-built for the IoT era, some vendors have re-branded and re-aligned their technology to offer headless content management, claiming that their technology always allowed for an API-driven approach to content management and delivery.

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