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What is Helpareporterout and Why is it Creating So Much Controversy?

Helpareporterout is a website that was created by a group of anonymous users. It offers a service to remove any posts from the internet if requested. The service is free and easy to use, but has sparked controversy due to the fact that it removes content from the internet without consent.

The website was created in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which Facebook users had their data collected without consent and used for political purposes. Helpareporterout offers people a way to have their data removed from the internet without having to go through an expensive lawsuit or paying an agency.

However, this service has also sparked controversy because it removes content from the internet without consent. While many people are grateful for this service, others argue that it violates basic human rights such as freedom of expression and the right to privacy.As such, it is important that we consider the implications of these policies on online discussions. Although Twitter, Facebook and YouTube may not currently be directly endorsing or participating in Chinese censorship, they are still an integral part of this system that provides a crucial platform for platforms like Weibo to thrive.

Blogging is a great way to reach more people, but what happens when you decide to stop blogging? You’ll have a lot of posts that you don’t want anyone to read.

In this article, we will be listing 5 great alternatives that can help you delete your blog posts and articles online.



Terkel creates community-driven content featuring expert insights. The premise of Terkel is to answer questions and get published in articles published on one of Terkel’s partner websites.

With partners like the University of Arizona, Keap, and SCORE, the quality of Terkel’s publication partners is high. But how is Terkel is different from HARO?

The key difference from HARO is that Terkel provides full length content, not just quotes. Terkel receives a question from a partner, gathers and selects the best insights from the community, and then provides a final draft for a partner to approve for publishing.

In other words, HARO provides a piece of content with a quote while Terkel provides the whole article.

If you’re a publisher of content, Terkel may be able to better fill content gaps than HARO. If you are a business looking to get published, Terkel is one more resource to add to your list of communities to join and try out.

Sign up for Terkel to answer questions and get published.


qwoted haro alternatives

Qwoted is a free tool that connects journalists to expert sources. Connect with industry experts instantly and diversify your sources all in one place.

Sound exactly like HARO? The value proposition is pretty similar. So how is Qwoted different from HARO?

The main difference is that journalists can spare their inbox from PR spam. Anyone who has used HARO knows that a query can clutter your inbox with submissions to review. With Qwoted, you can mute conversations when you have what you need.

In addition, another problem often cited with HARO are fake personas. HARO shifts the responsibility of verifying the authenticity and authority of a source over to a publisher. Qwoted has a private network of users that can be filtered by gender, geography and more to help ensure that the voices that appear in your work reflect your audience.

If you are a journalist, Qwoted may be a new platform to try for sources. If you are a small business, sign up for Qwoted to review media opportunities.


Screen Shot 2020 11 06 at 6.36.05 AM | Launch A Startup | haro, helpareporterout.com

ProfNet connects you to journalists who are looking for experts in their news releases.

Like HARO, ProfNet is also owned by Cision. The services are essentially the same and they’re owned by the same parent company. So how are they diffferent?

Good question.

ProfNet is built for public relations professionals who want to find opportunities to pitch their organizations to journalists. Since the ProfNet site is now listed on a prnewswire.com subdomain, think of ProfNet as a place to get featured in a press release and HARO for stories.


Quora is a question and answer platform that enables users to ask questions, write answers, and connect with people who contribute unique insights.

The majority of answers submitted to Quora will live on the Quora platform. This isn’t a bad thing, as Quora is one of the top 100 most visited websites in the world. Including your insights on a Quora question can generate views through their platform and referral traffic to your website.

Plus, some Quora questions are republished on media partners like Inc.com. There’s a chance your insights could be featured in a republication of Quora content.

Forbes Councils

forbes council haro alternative

Forbes Councils is an invitation-only organization where top executives and entrepreneurs gain visibility on Forbes.com. Members are each grouped into a relevant council like the Agency Council, HR Council, Coaches Council, and more to ensure the maximum benefit for the community.

If you are a business looking to be featured in Forbes, this paid annual membership can get you there through either a community style round up article, or an article you can author yourself.

Business Journals Leadership Trust

business journals leadership trust

Business Journals Leadership Trust is similar to the Forbes Councils in that this is an invitation-only organization where business leaders gain visibility on their local Business Journal website.

This visibility can be accomplished by being featured on an expert panel. Every month, the Business Journals Leadership Trust poses business questions tailored to your industry. These questions open and close on a rolling basis so everyone gets a chance to chime in. Once you’ve submitted an answer, the Leadership Trust content team chooses diverse answers to publish in a roundup-style post that includes contributor headshots and company links.

If you meet community criteria like having a minimum of $1MM per year in revenue or funding, then this is a paid annual membership that can help boost visibility at the local level.


Screen Shot 2020 11 06 at 2.41.53 PM | Launch A Startup | haro, helpareporterout.com

SourceBottle is a free online service that connects journalists with sources.

If you are a business, SourceBottle differentiates itself from HARO by offering opportunities around Giveaways and Case Studies. Giveaways are a paid subscription that allow businesses to find samples, giveaways, goody bag fillers and products to review. Case Studies provide PR professionals with an opportunity to find case studies to provide expert opinion to include in a media pitch.

One more differentiator from HARO on the publishing side is that SourceBottle allows small, independent media such as bloggers and podcasters to seek expert sources for quotes and for guest blog writers. HARO has minimum criteria that needs to be met in order to post a query, which is that your website Alexa ranking needs to be 1 million or less.

Twitter (#journorequests)

Screen Shot 2020 11 06 at 1.57.02 PM | Launch A Startup | haro, helpareporterout.com

Search the hashtag #jounrorequests on Twitter and you’ll find some queries from journalists seeking sources.

This inspired the site Journorequests, which monitor and curates the best PR opportunities from Twitter to your inbox.


GLG help a reporter out alternative

While GLG may not be viewed as a true HARO alternative, GLG is a knowledge marketplace that powers decisions with real-world expertise and insights.

The focus of GLG is on companies (clients) who are looking for expert feedback and market research. Clients identify a topic, design a plan, and then learn from the best.

As a GLG expert (council membe), you get paid for sharing your expertise. You can get paid for 1:1 phone calls and responding to client surveys.

While GLG is quite different from HARO, their platform is an outlet to share your unique insights. And if you are a company looking to do market research, the insights received from a service like GLG can be more reliable than a service like HARO.


onepitch haro alternative

OnePitch is a free service for connecting tech-savvy PR professionals and tech journalists to earn media placements and build relationships.

If you are in tech and looking for HARO alternatives, this niche site may connect you to relevant journalists.

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