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Sevi Agregado has barely been painting for five years, but he has already shown his work among art luminaries both locally and internationally. A 10-year-old youngster with autism is featured in a crypto art exhibition this month, alongside pioneering crypto artists from the Philippines and Singapore. Sevi Agregado is the only child among the artists […]
  1. Blockchain Tech
Blockchain technology has transformed the way individuals invest in assets, attracting younger and less affluent investors. Over a decade after the release of the Bitcoin network’s genesis block, blockchain technology has altered how individuals spend their money, with many platforms in the crypto world having significantly more relaxed investor restrictions when compared to traditional finance. […]
  1. eCommerce
Here is a list of mid-September product releases and upgrades from firms that provide services to online merchants. Live shopping, email marketing, warehousing and distribution, sustainable last-mile logistics, ecommerce platforms, and cryptocurrency payment alternatives are all updated. Bluehost introduces new commerce features for WordPress. Bluehost, a WordPress hosting provider, has introduced additional features for launching […]
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Google is delaying Play Store review submissions for 24 hours. What you should knowGoogle’s Play Store is getting a new app review procedure.The new policy will cause fresh reviews to be published up to 24 hours after they are filed.With the new move, Google hopes to deter fraudulent reviews and ratings.Google aims to make app […]
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The typical startup fever fantasy is as follows: you come up with a revolutionary concept for a startup in your dorm room. You drop out of school and take your idea to Sand Hill Road, where venture capitalists lavish you with cash. Your company is rapidly expanding. You finally reach a valuation of more than […]
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Why Is It So Difficult To Obtain A High Website Ranking For A New Site?Before we go any further, you should understand why this problem exists. The simplest and most compelling explanation is that you need content to rank. Purchasing links, guest blogging, outreach, and hiring SEO “experts” are the least of your concerns. Instead, […]
  1. Blockchain Tech
In its most basic form, blockchain technology is a virtual ledger that records all cryptocurrency transactions. But what makes it so unique? Unlike traditional financial institutions, the blockchain is not governed by a centralized authority. You can choose from a variety of blockchain certification training courses. This breakthrough technology has piqued the interest of corporations […]
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It’s all too simple (and all too seductive) in digital marketing to compartmentalize the numerous sub-disciplines into their own realms. Here comes SEO, the big one. Then there’s social media marketing, and PPC ads over here. But that’s a black-and-white perspective. In this situation, I’d want to discuss the relationship between PPC and quality content. […]
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E-commerce has taken over the retail industry. According to Statistica, e-commerce will account for roughly 20% of global retail sales in 2021. According to projections, by 2025, these internet retailers would account for about a quarter of all retail sales worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic was a crucial influence in the rise of this online buying […]