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  1. Marketing
So consider this an à la carte menu and only choose the marketing apps that will be the most suitable and helpful to you in achieving your goals. Plus, with all of the amazing apps available today, I’m bound to have missed some! So before you go, make sure to leave a comment and let us know about any apps you love that aren’t included in this list.
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  2. Tips and Tricks On Anything But Net
Each new year offers an exciting opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings, which is probably why we all look forward to New Year’s Eve so much. No matter what your goals are for the coming year are or how many new year’s resolutions you plan on making for 2022, ringing in the start of a new year is a moment to acknowledge. One, to celebrate all of your experiences from 2021 (#pandemiclife); and two, to welcome the new year ahead.
  1. Blockchain Tech
For a piece of data to persist forever, we need to use a persistence mechanism. For example, on Ethereum, the persistence mechanism is that the whole chain needs to be accounted for when running a node. New pieces of data get tacked onto the end of the chain, and it continues to grow - requiring every node to replicate all the embedded data.
  1. Tips and Tricks On Anything But Net
t's about time that Google integrated all it's apps into Gmail. Gmail is a powerhouse of an email app, and its strengths go way beyond sending and receiving messages. The platform also allows you to bring in several of Google’s other apps to join the party from right inside the Gmail interface, giving you quick and easy access to your calendars, to-do list, files, and notes.
  1. Launch A Startup
Google's amazing run from 1996 until today forever changed modern internet. It began in the year 1996, when two of the brightest mind at Stanford University in California, Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed a search algorithm at first known as ‘BackRub’ with the help of two friends Scott Hassan and Alan Steremberg. The word Google has no full form but is generated from the word ‘googol’ which means a huge number. The word Google was misspelled and later decided to use it as the company’s name. was registered in the year 1997 and later incorporated in 1998.
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  3. Social Media
There are many text to video converters and makers available in the market. They have varying feature set and editing options. Some of them are paid, while others are free or offer a trial period without any charges. Here are 7 great picks if you are searching for the best free, free-trail, or open-source text to video converters/makers.
  1. Small Business Tips
Consumer will spend more in 2022, thanks to both their own earnings and generous cash given them by the government in 2020 and 2021. Spending generally increases with income, but not in the naïve lockstep fashion described in economics textbooks. People tend to maintain a fairly stable level of spending despite occasional fluctuations in their […]


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