Weebly! Easiest To Use Web Builder

Easiest To Use — Weebly is what I recommend to anyone who doesn’t feel tech savvy. It’s just really easy to use. Everything feels simple and straightforward.

Weebly editor.png?1549387380?ixlib=rails 2.1

Even though Weebly is easy to use, it’s not simple. Instead it’s actually quite sophisticated. It has excellent ecommerce (it and Squarespace have the best ecommerce among website builders) and one of the best membership systems of any website builders.

Weebly also an App Center that lets you add all sorts of new features to your website: language translations, paid memberships, powerful tables and more.

Weebly has around 70 themes— and they’re all quite good. If there is a shortcoming though, it’s in theme customization. At times Weebly can be limited in theme customization.

Weebly isn’t as flexible as Wix and it isn’t as sophisticated as Squarespace— but it’s easier to use than both. Weebly is what I recommend to anyone who doesn’t feel tech savvy.

Now, it’s not that Weebly isn’t flexible or sophisticated— at times it can be both. Instead, it’s just that what sets Weebly apart from it’s competitors is it’s simple, clear interface.

The Editor

Since 2014 I’ve written about how uniquely easy to use Weebly is. Even as they’ve added new features, the interface has stayed simple and clean— which is an impressive balancing act. (Simple is easy to do if you don’t have many features but Weebly has lots of features.)

It starts with the website editor. Pages are built by dragging elements from the side drawer into your page. Elements are then then edited within the page:

Another trick Weebly uses to keep the interface easy to use is spotlighting. Basically, Weebly will focus your attention by dimming the rest of the website.

They use spotlighting with the form builder…

Spotlighting.png?1549554010?ixlib=rails 2.1

These might feel like minor details— they’re not. Keeping the interface tidy and easy to understand is how you create a website builder with lots features that also doesn’t overwhelm users. It’s a real balancing act.

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