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Facebook Page management can be quite time consuming. You need to create new content, generate engagement, and keep up with private messages, all at the same time. Facebook Business Suite is Meta’s answer to these needs.

Facebook Business Suite is an all-in-one solution to Page management, giving Facebook marketers a single centralized location to streamline the process of managing a brand’s presence on the platform.

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What is Facebook Business Suite?

The Facebook Business Suite is a free Facebook Page management tool that allows admins (and certain users with other roles) to handle Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, and Messenger interactions from a single dashboard. Facebook Business Suite replaced the Facebook Page Manager apps.

You can use Business Suite either on desktop or through the mobile app (you can download it for iOS here and Android here).

Here’s what you can do in Facebook Business Suite: 

  • View notifications 
  • Respond to comments and messages 
  • Create or schedule posts, Stories, and ads 
  • Receive insights, tips, and “goals” that can help you optimize your performance

Facebook Business Suite vs. Facebook Business Manager 

The Facebook Business Suite and Facebook Business Manager are two separate tools.

Business Manager has been around for several years and is essentially the predecessor to Business Suite. It allows you to manage assets, like Pages, ad accounts, product catalogs (but only on a basic level), and user roles. 

While marketers can currently choose between the two tools, it seems that Business Suite will ultimately replace Facebook’s Business Manager. In Business Suite, you can do everything you could previously do in Business Manager, including managing business assets under “Settings.”

Facebook Business Suite settings

If you absolutely detest the new Facebook Business Suite (which is technically actually “Meta Business Suite” now), there are instructions available for how to switch back to Business Manager

That being said, we strongly recommend adapting to the new Business Suite, as we don’t know how long the Business Manager will continue to be supported and the Business Suite offers much more powerful features.

Who should use Facebook Business Suite?

Anyone who manages a business on Facebook (including Pages or Instagram accounts) should at least strongly consider using the Business Suite. If you have multiple accounts to manage, you definitely should. 

Facebook Business Suite costs nothing to use, but it offers a number of distinct advantages and features, and the fact that they’re all condensed and streamlined is invaluable. It also facilitates teamwork, making the process easier whether you’re a single person tackling it all or part of a larger team.


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