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What New Year’s Eve Plans Say About You

But for everyone else, I believe that last-minute planning for New Year’s Eve reveals something profound about who puts the effort into making it. What you put together says a lot about you.
Who you are, how you move around the world, how easy it is to get a friend to accept his Venmo request. Check out my mean crystal ball as you guess what he’s going to do on December 31st.

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Tickets to nightclub events with DJs you’ve never heard of
Spending New Year’s Eve in the city is a daring move, perfect for those with a strong constitution and a sweet tooth of Molly. I am willing to pay $1 trillion for transportation and drinks.In short, you are brave.

I don’t care what exactly you shake that ass on, as long as you shake it or shake it a little bit from the aforementioned molly. All you care about is Instagram followers and follower count is the ratio of Also, you probably have had COVID multiple times and don’t understand what the big problem is shopping on SHEIN. Travel safe and don’t forget to test your meds!

Airbnb getaway
You’re cutting out the noise with a little weekend trip that, because you procrastinated, costs roughly the same per attendee as a round-trip flight to Spain. Fuck, that actually would have been a really good idea! This New Year’s Eve setup is all about you, your friends, and that one partner who’s visibly having a bad time.

Someone in this lucky group of vacationers works at a startup that’s currently committing financial crimes. If you’d been more in the loop, at least a few of you would have bought tickets to Fyre Fest. You own a smartwatch and feel disappointed in yourself when you don’t meet your daily step count. If we manage to keep American summers hotter and wetter than cabin fever, we’ll allow everyone to sleep in a place that resembles privacy. I applaud you and your purchasing power.

House Party Roulette
Making decisions is hard, so you choose to say yes to every invitation that comes your way and not make a decision, no matter how geographically or psychologically uncomfortable it may be to keep your promise. BTW, you probably won’t do this unless you promise to watch the ball drop on your phone in a stranger’s car. That’s cool, but there’s something alluring about being somewhere else where you’re already.

You like to live life to the fullest, and it’s kind of like when you get messed up with scrap combinations from the two or three parties you plan to attend.
Punch, mulled wine, optional poppers, and 10 mg additives. If you bring your partner or a few friends on the tour, I can only hope they show patience and her skill with Google Maps. If this is your game plan for New Year’s Eve, you tend to get banned from at least one ride-sharing app, read BYOB as an option, and your friends are sick of hearing you talk about your “roster.”

Host a pregame and pray for the best
A half-empty bottle of booze from the Christmas party you just threw won’t get you drunk.You’re not looking for a night to remember for the rest of your life. I am looking for someone who goes to pubs so that there is no:
00:00 in the morning. good for you!

Give up and live
Oh sweet salvation! You’re free from the shackles of going out and at least half okay with the idea of ​​not partying. , show a movie or grab a book for each and spend the night on the couch.
There are several unscented candles that provide a cozy glow for whatever activity you choose to do.

Speaking of reading, you publish a list of books you read each year. Sometimes they even throw in a quick rundown of the top 10. They also know a little too much about loose leaf tea, complaining about back pain that literally 20 seconds of yoga cures. Knowing enough, you may be the only one with the energy you need for this New Year.

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