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“Publishers say that, on average, four different revenue streams will be important or very important this year,” Nic Newman wrote in his annual “Journalism, Media and Technology Trends Predictions” report for 2021. Little has changed since, Newman’s newly released study for the year ahead suggesting that publishers are looking to stay the course and maintain this type of revenue mix, focused on “three or four different revenues.” 

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Although media leaders surveyed by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ), who published the study, ranked eCommerce fifth – in terms of their most important revenue stream for the year ahead – Newman also noted that 2021 promised “to be a year of economic reshaping, with publishers leaning into subscription and eCommerce – two future-facing business models that have been supercharged by the pandemic.” 

eCommerce, the 2021 and 2022 reports suggest, is a revenue trend that is in the ascendancy, and an area that is only going to grow in importance for publishers. 

In the U.S., data published by eMarketer – based on a survey by the data management platform Lotame – found that more than a third of the publishers they surveyed said that eCommerce would be their biggest source of revenue in Q1 2021, with nearly two-thirds (62%) indicating that it would be in their top three revenues sources for the quarter. 

The reason for this optimism, they observed, was due to the fact that “as consumers increasingly use media content to discover and research products and brands online, publishers are forging an increasingly meaningful place in the customer journey.”

“Publishers are instituting eCommerce strategies that now position them as retailer and brand partners capable of driving conversions,” they added. “And marketers are recognizing publisher partnerships as valuable ways to shorten the funnel.”

Source: https://whatsnewinpublishing.com/ecommerce-in-publishing-why-ecommerce-why-now-2/

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